Our offer
9% VAT inclusive

Prices up to 25% more affordable than from dealerships.

Sold in less than 30 days.

We take care of everything through customised service.

No hassle – We secure the entire sale process.

Your vehicle is guaranteed after we inspected it.

We pick verified buyers.

No more scams, waste of time and money with us.

We produce professional photos.

We publish your vehicle on more than 10 different websites and actively communicate around it.

We take care of all administrative formalities !

Basic offer options

Car Staging

We perform deep cleaning of your vehicle and refurbishment of its worn parts


Technical inspection

We carry out the technical inspection for you


Home delivery service

We arrange your new car’s delivery directly to your home


Additional services

Photos & Publishing Service

After we have reviewed your vehicle together, we create your advertisement and arrange a professional photo shooting to highlight your vehicle


Premium Service: -15% of the selling price

We take care of your vehicle and everything else along the way